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Sweeteners: Healthier Sugar Substitutes

By taking a single soda in a day, you have already exceeded your acceptable daily sugar intake. This is often shocking news to some people. The good news is there are healthier substitutes to sugar you can try out. They are how you will still taste something sweet but stay healthy. It is important that you prevent your body from getting addicted to sugar.

Natural sweeteners are the first step you need to focus on. These sweeteners, in the form of raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, and such are way better than processed sources. You still need also to avoid overusing them. They too might become addictive soon.

Stevia is an example, one with no calories. It is also useful for cooking purposes. It is herbal, unlike the artificial sugar people crave.

You will also hear of Splenda. It comes from the processing or real sugar to give it off. It shall thus be multiple times sweeter than regular sugar, whose use should be carefully done. This product finds application in weight loss programs. It also acts on the bacteria in teeth that cause cavities, leading to better oral hygiene.

Saccharin is another one that has existed for long. The fact that it is way sweeter than regular sugar means it needs to be used minimally. It has less of the undesirable effects of regular sugar. This then means it is great for weight loss regimens. It shall also not get metabolized into the body, thus not interfering with blood sugar levels.

Xylitol is another great substitute that will not change your blood sugar levels, since it cannot mess up your insulin levels. It is therefore preferable if you have diabetes. It comes from fruits and vegetables. An example is the birch tree. Its caloric content is also a fraction of that of regular sugar.

Isomalt, itself created from GMO products, has half of the calories you would get in regular sugar. It is great for helping people keep minimal weight. Its is one of the sugar alcohols. This means that if it gives you an upset stomach, you need to change your source.

Erythrinol occurs naturally in some plants, and can also be derived from fermented corn starch. It will not interfere with blood sugar or insulin levels, and is also great for your oral health. Those who have issues with GMO based sweeteners may need to look elsewhere. To be comfortable, you need to read more about it here.

Once you find a sweetener you are comfortable to use, you shall be in a better position to improve your health. You need to learn more about healthy sugar alternatives, to stay healthy. When you do something about your sugar addiction, your life starts to improve.

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