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International English Language Testing System is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test used for the purposes of higher education and global migration. The International English Language Testing System has the short form name which is IELTS. Writing, reading, speaking and listening are some of the aspects of the English language that are tested by the International English Language Testing System. Reflecting on the use of English language at every area of an individual’s life be it at work, study or at home is the main aim of the test. An individual’s communication skill is measured using one on one speaking tests in the IELTS. The assessment is carried over having real life conversations with a real person as a natural way of testing your English conversation skills.

The validity of the IELTS is based on a period of two years. Upon taking an IELTS test the results are available after thirteen days and are recorded on a Test Report Form. No limit on the scope of application means that the IELTS test can be done over and over again. There are two versions of the International English Language Testing System which are the general module and academic module. The version that is used by people who are planning to go and work abroad or stay there permanently apply for the general module. The academic module is the version used by individuals planning to go and study abroad.In order to ace the IELTS test then individuals need to train for it.

Training preparation of the IELTS exams requires the following aspects to be looked into that is having the right materials for the test and knowing the person that will monitor and check your work. Listening as part of the IELTS test involves four sections that contains ten questions each. Every day and social situations is tested on the first and second sections while the third and the fourth are more educational and training type of situations.

Each section of the listening part begins with short introduction explaining to the individual about the situation. The individual then looks through the questions as they are in order according to the explanation recording. Individuals taking the test are given ten minutes to transfer their answers on an answer sheet.

The next part of the IELTS test is writing in which its sub-divided into two tasks whereby individuals write a hundred and fifty words in twenty minutes and also write a two hundred and fifty words in forty minutes based on the topic. A penality is accrued if the answers in the writing part of the IELTS test are not written as full sentences. The sections found in the reading part are three and a variety of question types are found. Identifying information, short answer question, identifying writer’s views, multiple choice, completing a summary using words from the text among others are the question types used.

Study: My Understanding of Diplomas

Study: My Understanding of Diplomas

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