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15 Plants That You Will Find Easy to Take Care Of

Most people are plant killers because after being excited to bring your plants home, there is a high likelihood that they might wilt and never come back to life even if they try hard to revive them. However, this should not encourage you to have fake houseplants because they are some plants that you can easily take care of. By reading this article, you will discover more about the 15 plants that are easiest to take care of.

If you live in a humid area, then you should find it easy to take care of the Peperomia plant because it’s leaves are waxy and can also survive under the light of fluorescent bulbs. A trendy plant that you could buy is the Aloe that you will find to be a good addition to your house. The Aloe plant will grow well under indirect sunlight, and you are advised to ensure that you soak it in the water on a regular basis. The Air Plant is easy to take care of because you do not require soil to have it grow. The Bromeliad survives optimally at a temperature of about 70 degrees which makes it easy to take care of and will be healthy for long. The Dieffenbachia plant also loves indirect sunlight, and you will notice that its leaves will not wilt quickly.

The Begonia plant is easy to take care of because it does not require a lot of watering in the winter and will also provide you with a variety of colors for its flowers. The Ficus plants will do well both at your home and in the office and will be useful in cleaning toxins from the air. With the Peace Lily, it would be easy to take care of, and you will filter out toxins from the air. The Calathea plant only requires you to keep it moist and keep it away from direct sunlight. Another plant is the Ponytail Palm which you should not over-water, and there is no problem keeping it where direct sunlight is.

The Philodendron works best where there is little light, and it will not need much water. Another plant that is easy to take care of is the English Ivy, which comes in different varieties. Another plant that will require little water is the Crown of Thorns, which is succulent. For the Spider Plant that resembles spider’s legs, you will only need to water it at least once a week. You will also find Umbrella Tree easy to take care of because you will not need to over-water it.

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